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Ukrainian Catholic Brotherhood of Canada (UCBC)

The official national organization for men in the Ukrainian Catholic Church, our Bishop Roborecki, Saskatoon Branch #304 meets on the first Monday of the month. All men of good standing in the church are eligible to become members of, and hold office in, the organization. The primary purposes of the Brotherhood are: developing and enriching the spiritual life of the parish; preserving, developing and perpetuating the Ukrainian language and culture; strengthening the spiritual dimensions and moral values of Canadian life; initiating and supporting programmes of charitable and social action; assisting and supporting the parish, its programmes, activities and operations.

The Brotherhood maintains a close working relationship with all other groups in the parish and collaborates with them on all events and activities of interest to the parishioners.

Executive Committee

The Executive Members of the Brotherhood for the 2018 term are:

Very Rev. Janko Kolosnjaji - Spiritual Advisor
Brother Bernie Bodnar KSV - Past President
Brother Bernie Bodnar KSV - President
TBA- Vice President
Brother Dr. Bill Gulka KSV - Secretary
Brother Adam Nahachewsky - Treasurer
Brother Ken Fay - Hospodar
Brothers: John Kornylo, Ed Rogalski, Conrad Pura KSV - Control Commission

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