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"By Christ's institution, a valid marriage between baptized persons is by that very fact a sacrament in which the spouses are united by God after the pattern of Christ's indefectible union with the church, and are, as it were, consecrated and strengthened by sacramental grace" CCEO Can 776.2).


Couples intending to be married at St. George’s Cathedral must meet, by appointment, with the parish priest at least six months to one year prior to the proposed date of wedding. During this meeting, all requirements and arrangements will be discussed in person. No weddings can be scheduled during the period of Great Lent.

  • At least one (of the couple) must be Ukrainian Catholic, and be affiliated with St. George’s Cathedral.
  • Both parties must be free to marry, in accordance with church and civil law.
  • A marriage preparation course, offered by the Deanery of Saskatoon or by the parish, is mandatory for both parties.
  • A dispensation from the Bishop will be required if one of the parties is a non-Catholic or not a Christian.
  • A Saskatchewan Marriage License is mandatory.


Active parishioners (regular contributors) are requested to make the customary offering of $300.00 to the priest that performs the wedding ceremony. Non-active parishioners are requested to make an additional contribution to St. George's Cathedral for maintenance of the church.

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