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Parish Council

The parish council is made up of 12 elected, appointed and 6 ex-officio members who meet once a month, from September to June, for the purposes of conducting the business of the parish. To ensure continuity, approximately half of the council is up for election annually, with each member committing themselves to a two year term. All parishioners are eligible for election to council at the annual general meeting which is typically held in February/March. The standing committees of council, which are open to parishioner participation, are: education, public relations, policies & procedures, property maintenance, liturgical, renovation, finance/personnel, social justice and social. A parish constitution is in effect, which outlines the duties and governs the activities of the council and its committees. A parish secretary is on staff to assist the council in its business, all of which is conducted from the parish office at: 210 Avenue M South, Saskatoon, SK S7M 2K4.

Phone: (306) 664-3459 - Fax: 866-354-5432 -

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