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Senior Residence

St. George's Ukrainian Senior Citizens' Residence provides accommodation for 40 residents in one-bedroom, two-bedroom and bachelor suites. It is a home for independent living. The main floor includes: a lounge for social gatherings; kitchen facilities for smaller gatherings, meetings and other functions; while each individual floor features its own laundry facilities automatic (washers and dryers) and refuse chutes. A smooth operating elevator connects all floor of the facility.

A board of directors oversees the operation of the residence whose title of ownership is registered under the Ukrainian Catholic Parish of St. George.

Rent Fee Structure

Applicants for residency in this facility can choose between government subsidized or full rent. Subsidized renters pay only 30% of the monthly rate with the government covering the remainder. Those renters with a low monthly income who wish to be subsidized, must provide the office with a copy of their income tax return every year, to confirm eligibility and establish their monthly rate. Those who choose to pay the full government established rate do not have to declare their income. Rental rates for 2017 range from $435 to $691, depending on the category of the suite.

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