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Ukrainian Catholic Women's League of Canada (UCWLC)

The official national organization for women in the Ukrainian Catholic Church, our Cathedral branch meets regularly throughout the year. All women of good standing in the church are eligible to become members of, and hold office in, the organization, whose primary purposes are: uniting and organizing women of the Ukrainian Catholic Church; developing and enriching their religious and spiritual lives; preserving, developing and perpetuating the Ukrainian language, tradition and culture; strengthening the spiritual dimension and moral values of Canadian life; initiating and supporting programmes of charitable and social action which exemplify Christian ideals of justice and love particularly those related to the inviolability of human life, the dignity of the human being and the sacredness of the family; and, assisting and supporting the parish, its activities, programmes and operations. The UCWLC maintains a close working relationship with all other groups in the parish and collaborates with them in all activities of general interest to the parishioners.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Cathedral branch of the UCWLC, for the 2018 term are:

Gladys Rogalski Iris Owchar - Co-President
Iris Owchar - Co-President
Marian Arthurs - Vice President
Chris Pidwerbeski - Vice President
Iris Owchar - Membership Chair
Elsie Andrunyk - Secretary-Treasurer

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