210 Ave M South in Saskatoon, SK
Phone: (306) 664-3459
Fax: 1-866-345-5432

Liturgy Schedule 

9:30 am (Bilingual)

Weekdays: (Tuesday – Friday)
7:30 am

Feast Days:
10:00 am

First Friday of the Month:
6:30 pm Exposition of the Holy Mysteries with Rosary, followed by Suplikatsia (Суплiкацiя) & Benediction                                               (Confessions heard during this time)

7:00 pm  Divine Liturgy

Pastoral Team
  • Rector  – Fr. Ivan Nahachewsky
  • Assistant – Deacon Myron Yamniuk.
  • Sisters  – The Ukrainian Sisters of St. Joseph – Located directly across the street from our cathedral is the monastery of this religious order of women. In addition to their parish involvement, they also own and operate St. Joseph’s Home, an 85-bed, level IV, long-term care facility that is located a short distance from the cathedral. They have served the people of our parish and other Ukrainian Catholics from across the Eparchy, in this mission for over four decades.
  • Parish Staff – Julia Kobylnyk – Parish Office Administrative Assistant
Parish Council

The parish council is made up of 12 elected, appointed and 6 ex-officio members who meet once a month, from September to June, for the purposes of conducting the business of the parish. To ensure continuity, approximately half of the council is up for election annually, with each member committing themselves to a two year term. All parishioners are eligible for election to council at the annual general meeting which is typically held in February/March. The standing committees of council, which are open to parishioner participation, are: education, public relations, policies & procedures, property maintenance, liturgical, renovation, finance/personnel, social justice and social. A parish constitution is in effect, which outlines the duties and governs the activities of the council and its committees. A parish secretary is on staff to assist the council in its business, all of which is conducted from the parish office at: 210 Avenue M South, Saskatoon, SK S7M 2K4.   Phone: (306) 664-3459 – Fax: 866-354-5432 –

Parish Council Member Directory
Members of the 2023-2024 Parish Council are:

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    Church Auditorium

    Please call the parish office at 306-664-3459 to make reservations for the church auditorium.

    St. George’s Ukrainian Senior Citizens Centre Corporation - Residence

    St. George’s Ukrainian Senior Citizens Centre Corporation - ResidenceAddress:
    201 Ave M South Saskatoon, SK S7M 2K3

    Office: Doug Swain

    Rental Inquiries:
    Ed Rogalski: 306-716-0204
    Ken Fay: 306-222-8786

    Basic Description: This building is located in Pleasant Hill (across the street from St. George’s Cathedral).  It is very clean and has had many upgrades, including new flooring, countertops, windows, lighting, furnace, and roof. It is open to all nationalities.

    A Board of Directors oversees the operation of the residence whose title of ownership is registered under the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of St. George.

     Admission and Rental Rates: For admission inquiries please call the contacts above under Rental Inquiries. You will be asked to fill out an application form, and if no suites are available at the time, you will be placed on a waiting list.
    Applicants for residency in this facility can choose between government subsidized (if they qualify) or full rent. Rental rates vary depending on the category of the suite and income bracket. Renters with a low monthly income who wish to be subsidized must provide the office with a copy of their income tax return (line 150) each year to confirm eligibility and establish their monthly rental rate.

    Restrictions Must be at least 55 years of age and have a good reference, or show a good, decent personality.

    Suites: There are 34 suites in this residence. 25 one-bedroom, 5 two-bedroom, and 4 bachelor suites. Each suite has a full kitchen, cable and telephone hook-up, and a grab bar in the bathroom.

    Services and Amenities of the Building

    • Non-smoking facility (smoking area outdoors)
    • Entry security system
    • Elevator
    • Electronic smoke detectors
    • Fire sprinkler system
    • Carbon monoxide detectors
    • Laundry facilities
    • Garbage chutes
    • Street level parking – limited paid parking stalls at back of building
    • Active House Committee for social events
    • Common activity room
    • Kitchen area for smaller gatherings
    • Common lawn area
    • Raised garden beds – limited number available
    • Close to Bus routes

    “In baptism a person through washing with natural water with the invocation of the name of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is freed from sin, reborn to new life, puts on Christ and is incorporated in the church which is His Body” (CCEO, can 675.1).

    Parishioners of St. George’s Cathedral who wish to have their child baptized in the cathedral must contact the parish priest who will make an appointment for a mandatory pre-baptism session for the parents and godparents. During these sessions such things as the effects of baptism on the candidate, and the responsibilities of the parents and godparents in the life of the child will be discussed. Also, it is required that at least one of the godparents must be Catholic.


    “By Christ’s institution, a valid marriage between baptized persons is by that very fact a sacrament in which the spouses are united by God after the pattern of Christ’s indefectible union with the church, and are, as it were, consecrated and strengthened by sacramental grace” CCEO Can 776.2).

    Couples intending to be married at St. George’s Cathedral must meet, by appointment, with the parish priest at least six months to one year prior to the proposed date of wedding. During this meeting, all requirements and arrangements will be discussed in person. No weddings can be scheduled during the period of Great Lent.

    • At least one (of the couple) must be Ukrainian Catholic, and be affiliated with St. George’s Cathedral.
    • Both parties must be free to marry, in accordance with church and civil law.
    • A marriage preparation course, offered by the Deanery of Saskatoon or by the parish, is mandatory for both parties.
    • A dispensation from the Bishop will be required if one of the parties is a non-Catholic or not a Christian.
    • A Saskatchewan Marriage License is mandatory.

    Active parishioners (regular contributors) are requested to make the customary offering of $300.00 to the priest that performs the wedding ceremony. Non-active parishioners are requested to make an additional contribution to St. George’s Cathedral for maintenance of the church.


    CЛОВIДь: 30 minutes before liturgy or by appointment.

    Visitation of Sick

    Call the parish office any time.

    Holy Communion at Homes

    First Friday of the month.